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Are There Benefits of Installing a Sod?

A sod is grass bought and installed on piece of land other than the one it was sowed. At times, the turf has some benefits over the grass seeding. A sod is not necessary for homeowners who have healthy grass yards. The farms on which they are grown are devoted to the specific production of this grass. After harvesting from the land, it is packed for transportation. The buyer or the owner of the home where the sod is taken ought to have prepared the lawn in advance before harvesting is done. The turf is then installed on the land where it provides an instant lawn. It is harvested in rectangular blocks which are about two feet wide. The sods are then rolled and packed in the vehicles.

The owner of the turf has the responsibility of managing the sod until it has established itself with the subsoil. Watering is essential to encourage growth of root to the underground soil. The speed of establishing a sod is one of the prime reason why you go for it. The sod is installed as a dense grass field which looks pretty nice. It eliminates the need to be patient for the growth of grass. You have a ready lawn on your land within a day. It is essential to irrigate the same to avoid drying up.

You can install a sod at nay time of the year. Comparing grass seeding and sods will show that where as seeding can wither in drought, the sods is easily grounded. The fact that you irrigation is not done from germination to maturity makes it an easier option. The grass is very healthy since it has received the highest level of care when on the farm.

The turf grows provides an easy solution for erosion is sloppy areas. If you have a sloppy ground that can’t hold soil, you can get an instant solution by installing a turf. The subsoil is covered by the dense root system of the sod making it hold.
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It is also a viable solution for bare ground. Installing a sod will help you have vegetation on a piece of land that does not support easy growth of grass. Surprisingly, you don’t have to stay with a muddy lawn just waiting for growth of grass. The sod comes when it is intact and beautiful. A dense green yard is available immediately.
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The turf makes it easy for you to deal with the issue of weeds on the yard. A land that is overgrown by weeds does not look good. It takes you a lot of time and application of herbicide which are costly in the long run. A turf is usually weeded free.